Bring hope through a Blessing Bucket! These buckets are delivered by God’s Pit Crew to some of the hardest hit areas after a natural disaster to individuals who are in need of essential supplies after losing everything!  The Blessing Bucket, which is filled with essential items (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, etc.) helps enrich lives and become a small token of God’s love! 

YOU can help bring hope to people who have lost everything by helping fill Blessing Buckets! 

Spirit FM & God’s Pit Crew will be collecting supplies Friday June 22nd and Saturday June 23rd from 10am to 7pm (find the list below)! 

Click here to sign up to volunteer for the Blessing Bucket Drive in your community.

515 Mt Cross Rd,
Danville, VA 

Sam’s Club
215 Piedmont Pl.
Danville, VA

Dollar Tree 
364 Lowes Dr. A
Danville, VA

1140 E Stuart Dr. 
Galax, VA

Dollar Tree
1130 E Stuart Dr C,
Galax, VA
Food City
568 E Main St. 
Independence, VA


Wards Road Walmart
3900 Wards. Road
Lynchburg, VA 

Sam’s Club 
3912 Wards Rd
Lynchburg, VA

Magic Mart 
1000 Memorial Dr. 
Pulaski, VA

Dollar Tree
1016 Memorial Dr
Pulaski, VA

Bonsack Walmart
4524 Challenger Ave NE
Roanoke, VA 

Bonsack Kroger
3970 Valley Gateway Blvd.
Roanoke, VA 

South Boston
Dollar Tree
Old Halifax Rd. #200
South Boston, VA
3471 Old Halifax Rd. 
South Boston, VA

1028 Richmond Ave. C,
Staunton VA 


Shopping List Items:

Personal Grooming Items:
-Toothbrushes/ toothpaste (regular size)
-Deodorant (regular size)
-Shampoo-15-16 oz
-Feminine Products- individually wrapped
-Bath/wash towels

-Cans ready to eat with pop-top (ex: Ravioli)
-Snack crackers, individually wrapped snacks, cereal bars
-Bottled water

Misc. Items:
-Flashlight with extra batteries
-Paper towels
-Toilet paper
-Small container disposable cleaning wipes (like Clorox or Lysol)
-Alcohol (16 oz)
-Peroxide (16 ox)
-Note of encouragement

For more information on the Blessing Buckets, please click here