How do I make Spirit FM my favorite station?
1. Click on the Menu button in the corner.  
2. Click Settings
3. Click “Edit Favorite Station”
4. Select “Spirit FM” from the list
Now Spirit FM will automatically start every time you launch the app!  








How do I find the recently played songs?
You can find the last 60 minutes of songs played by going to the player

How do I get back to the list of stations?
If you are currently in a station player you will go up to the corner and click on the home button or you can click on the menu in the right hand corner, and then click “Stations” 

How can I make it so it doesn’t play music as soon as the app is open?
That feature is called Autoplay.  To turn it off go to settings, and simple swipe so that it shows white. 
In this pictures the Autoplay is on, so you would slide it to the left hand side to turn it off!