Picking just the right Christmas card to send to your friends and family is important.  What if this year your Christmas card could not only be unique and fun but help change hearts and lives in your community!  This year Spirit FM introduces the Christmas Radiogram!  It’s a living Christmas card that reaches far and wide. 

Here’s how it works:
1. Make your gift of $250 or more below (please read all of the instructions first)
2. You and your family write a special radio greeting and email it to office@spiritfm.com
3. The Spirit FM team records your message and adds fun Christmas music to it.
4. We then send you a copy of the message so you can send it out to all your friends and family AND make sure to be listening to Spirit FM throughout the Christmas season to hear it! 

Have questions? Call 434-237-9798 or email office@spiritfm.com.  

To get started, make your gift below!  
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